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Country life and bare feet all summer <3

Hate seeing barefoot people on or by horses. Say goodbye to your toes folks! So stupid.

I always wanted my own horse.

My name is Sharon Santoni and this is the place where I get to give you a taste of authentic French living.

The country life

The country life

i'm just a small town girl ;)

I grew up where I could see the stars, drinkin sweet tea from a mason jar. Just a small town girl, that's all I'll ever be.  Country life!!!

i want a horse so baddd.

Mudding = love :)

City people hate seeing rain clouds like these. Country folks take advantage of it ;


A girls best her horse 💜🐴

Countryy <3

Countryy <3

Country life

Sunrises and Sunsets are just better here

Country Life - The Romantic Mom

I longed for a change.

Love him

Love him

i want cowboy boots!

Wow. I can smell the hay, feel the warmth.... :)

Nothing better than a barn full of fresh baled hay. Proof of a summers hard work and reaping the blessings.

Cowboys and angels :)

What a fun engagement shoot! Nichole is marrying Anthony, a full-on cowboy from Australia. When Nichole mentioned she owned horses, I couldn't contain my excitement at the thought of doing legit cowboy-cowgirl themed engagement photos.