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  • Courtney ∞

    Too cute! Looks easy enough! #hair #bun #sockbun

  • Carrie Nelson

    hair tutorial =) hair bun ! It's pretty much a sock bun

  • Budget Friendly Fashion

    Another sock bun hairstyle... plus a bunch of other how-tos. This may work better for my long hair

  • Marissa C

    #sockbun #longhair #updo #prettyhair #newwaytodoabun #bun #hair

  • Pearlie Schroeder

    The perfect Bund - Cool DIY hairstyles for girls #girl hairstyle #Hair Style|

  • Lera Zboncak

    27 step-by-step hair tutorials, really #Hair Style #girl hairstyle|

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messy half braid. Still gets the job done of moving hair out of face

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I have long hair...I just have to figure out how to work it!

If my hair could do this (if I could learn to do this with my hair) I'd cut it like this! I also LOVE the color, but I could never go red

Bouffant buns. | This is from : 19 Pinterest Projects Ain't Nobody Got Time For , However, I don't think it looks too terribly hard and could be modified to be more time sensitive.

So this will probably be out of style again by the time my hair is long enough, but...

Trying to do this but never successful lol

So, my mom used to do the first four steps on our hair when we were little girls. I think I can go all the way and actually replicate this one...

First backcomb your crown section to give it some height, don't worry if it's messy, that's the look. * Next, take the two front sections of your hair and twist them, and as you do, collect all the hair from each side your head, so you're left with two ponytails. * Finally collect all your hair at the nape of your neck and twist into a bun before securing with bobby pins! * Spray with hairspray to give it some hold! Voila!