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  • Lauren Yakel

    Killer legs workout. - holy moly.

  • Kelly

    She's got Legs workout.. I am re-pinning this because I just did this and HOLY MOLY... Jello legs. Gonna whip these thunder thighs into shape :)

  • Chelsea Baker

    "She's Got Legs" Workout - Do each exercise and rest 20 seconds. Repeat circuit 3 times. -KB Squat with Reverse Lunge x 15 (per side) -30 Mountain Climbers -KB Front Lunge with Knee Up x 15 (per side) -Alternating 1 Leg Scorpion Push Up x 10 -Pendulum Plank x 20 (alternating legs) -Dumbbell Knee Tuck Crunches x 30 -Plyo Squat Box Jump x 10

  • Alyson Engelbrecht

    Jen Fit legs workout.


    Want Great Legs? Start with the Fundamentals. You can do many variations of the following. 1. Squats 2. Lunges 3. Leg Curls 4. Standing Calf Raises #Legday #Fitness #Motivation

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