Turn wrapping paper scraps into bows instead of throwing them away.

Making Gift Bows with Scraps of Paper

How to build Shishkaball Ball-Drop Game. THIS is cool : i remember this game from when i was a kid

Jazzed up wrapping paper.

Tutorial: How to Make a Paper Spike Bow~ You could make a cool Halloween bow with this technique!

wrapping paper

wrap with a bow/flower as part of the wrap: perfect for those packages that are round or weird shapes & you leave extra at the top for decoration. just cut in petal shapes instead of leaving it just squared off. cute idea!

Christmas wrap ideas

Sugar Paper "XO" Tags #entertaining-holiday #paper-tags-twine-stickers

Cute Butterfly Pins. These are decorated for Valentines but you can use different papers w/o the hearts. So Springy, too! Crafty Sisters: Love Bugs

Initials on the Christmas presents! Way cuter than those sticker tags

Something to do with the old shirts. Shirt turned apron is an awesome repurpose!

Embellish your next gift using tape on simple wrapping paper #giftwrap

easy DIY tissue paper flower topper.

No more bows!!! Love this look for Christmas wrapping.

love this bow tutorial!

Use just a little bit of fun paper around brown mailing paper. A Thoughtful Place

Heart cut out wrapping paper

black and white wrapping paper

How to print on a paper bag!