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    Ways to Compare Fractions

    Comparing fractions anchor chart


    Math Coach's Corner: Comparing Fractions

    Reduce Fractions Anchor Chart

    fractions anchor chart

    Comparing fractions

    Comparing Fractions anchor chart

    Comparing, Rounding, and Fractions: Perfect because my kids just can't remember how to round!

    compare fractions

    Math: Geometry Unit

    This 28-page product is jam-packed with quality goodies that will provide you with great resources to use for your fraction unit! What's Included: *Explanation of Interactive Math Notebooks *Fraction Vocabulary Words *Numerator vs. Denominator Mini Anchor Chart *Equivalent Fractions *Estimating Fractions *Color Label the Fraction *Fractions of a Set *Fraction Story Problems *Photos of these interactive math notebook pages

    Fractions on a number line

    I've got a foldable for that!: comparing fractions

    Comparing fractions

    Equivalent fractions by Ms. Gelbert :)

    Here's an anchor chart on fractions. Great inclusion of clock fractions and ruler fractions.

    Anchor Chart - math key words

    Working with Factors and Multiples Foldables and More!

    Number Lines. Ironically, the maker of this number line uses the same color codes I use for Polly Plus and Linus Minus :-)