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    Zauberbiest - Male Hexenbiest

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    Hundjager - Season of the Hexenbiest

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    Grimm - Season of the Hexenbiest (Season 2 Episode 12)

    Adalind Schade - Hexenbiest

    Grimm - Behind the Scenes: Season of the Hexenbiest (Season 2 Episode 12)

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    Hexenbiest (Witch bitch): A Hexenbiest is a witch-like creature that resembles a demon or goblin. They work at the command of royalty and are extremely loyal creatures. Untransformed, they can be identified by a dark birthmark on the underside of their tongues. These witches are known for concocting powerful spells, including potent love potions. Partnered with her seductive qualities and beautiful untransformed appearance, these potions put any man completely at her mercy.

    SASHA ROIZ as Capt. Sean Renard is a Zauberbiest (TSOW-bər-beest; Germ. Zauber “magic” or Zauberer “wizard” + Biest “beast”). (“Mr. Sandman”)


    Grimm NBC season 4

    Sasha Roiz as Captain Sean Renard, Nick's superior officer. He is half human and half Hexenbiest.

    To Hexenbiest or Not? That is the Question on Tonight’s Grimm – Read our Interview with Bitsie Tulloch About Her Character Transformation #SneakPeek #NBC #Grimm #Video

    Grimm’s Fairy Tales | 25 Beautifully Redesigned Classic Book Covers

    Mellifers (ME-li-fuhr) are bee-like creatures that live and operate as part of a swarm with a hive mentality. The leader of a Mellifer hive is referred to as a Mellischwuler. Their hives are large and are where they harvest their own venom to use as a weapon. They have a connection with regular bees and often use them to provide cover for their movements. Mellifers' only natural enemies are Hexenbiests. Mellifers are the only Wesen seen thus far who are openly friendly towards the Grimms.

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