Illustration by Jillian Tamaki for Christina Rossetti's "Goblin Market & Selection Poems"

Jillian Tamaki has illustrated another Folio Society limited edition book. This time it’s Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market & Selected Poems”.

New paintings and illustrations by James Jean  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New paintings and illustrations by James Jean

グランフロント大阪にて金子國義追悼展 – 金子國義  NEWS

グランフロント大阪にて金子國義追悼展 – 金子國義 NEWS

Concept Art by Halil Ural

asylum-art: “Stellar Illustrations by Halil URALMrDream (Halil URAL) - DeviantArt Halil Ural is a graphic illustrator and digital artist from Istanbul, Turkey, who has a passion for videogames, comic.

"Poesía es la unión de dos palabras que uno nunca supuso que pudieran juntarse, y que forman algo así como un misterio", » Federico García Lorca  * pintura de James Jean

James Jean cover for Fables: 1001 nights of Snowfall

Чернила и чай на Bockingford акварельной бумаге - для групповой шоу с Эшдаун галерее в сентябре этого года ... Благодаря Лиза Stefaniak для вдохновения / Underwater Love by on @deviantART

Underwater Love by Carnegriff - Ink and tea on Bockingford watercolour paper

FaminePulse: January 2012

Jaime, acrylic on Wood Panel by James Jean, I love that understated yet classical look

Mark Ryden - Fur Girl

Interview – Nicoletta Ceccoli et son art book « Beautiful Nightmares »

One of my all-time favourite by this artist: Mark Ryden "Fur Girl" x oil on canvas - part of his 2008 "Snow Yak" show

Cover for The Good Prince (Fables) by James Jean

James Jean (previously) born is a Taiwanese-American visual artist, known for both his commercial work and fine art gallery work. He is known in the American comics industry as a cover artist.

Fables/Covers - DC Comics Database


Fables - James Jean After watching the wizard of oz as a kid, I was sure something like this lived under my bed after dark