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Bob Ross Clothespin Doll. $40.00, via Etsy. WAAAAAY too expensive, but hilarious!

This is the only "Keep Calm and..." sign I like. Happy trees.

Keep on painting those li'l darn happy trees no matter if they look like they are frowning or not when you get done! Just turn the painting upside down if you have to, and paint leaves on those frickin' little happy roots! No one will ever know!

LEGO Bob Ross--I loved watching his show. "what the..he just messed the whole picture up with that line! it's...ooooh...oh look at that. it just turned into an amazing waterfall. how does he do it..."

Remember Bob Ross painting masterpieces in half an hour minus commercial time?!!!! Amazing wonderful man, do you remember the little squirrel he saved and brought to work in his pocket? “Happy little bushes! . . . “Trees cover up a multitude of sins.” . . .”Clouds are very, very free!”

Bob Ross. Just watched a great show about him on PBS. Watched him as a kid, just before nap time.

Let's just put in a happy little tree over Lego Bob Ross I LOVE THIS GUY!

I miss Bob Ross, what a simple, easy man...What A Happy Man BOB ROSS YOU ARE MISSED

Lego Bob Ross and his little happy trees. :) Love it!

LEGO Bob Ross Painting Bob Ross!