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    Email Self Defense by FSF.org

    The real world of big data

    Les nouveaux noms de domaine : promesses et dangers | via Inriality

    The Role of Color in Marketing [Infographics]

    Infographic on how the Internet has shaped and revolutionized the world.

    Big data is gathered from numerous sources, including your smartphone and sensors in the ocean. Discover what this data is used for and the concerns it is raising.

    The Ecommerce Guide to Big Data [Infographic]

    Worldwide Big Data Forecast

    L'Oréal // LinkedIn

    Using the data collected, tawkon conducted a study on the countries with the highest and lowest percentage of exposure time to radiation from mobile phone.

    Why Startups Fail

    This is the functional flowchart of the new Facebook for iPhone mobile app. v.5.0 You can also see what's new, what's moved, what's gone, etc...

    Masters of Tax Evasion : Tech Industries How, Google, Apple, Amazon & others are screwing the economy

    The Severity of Bugs: Are We Doomed?

    The startup ecosystem infographic : Predator vs. Prey

    Les compétences recherchées en informatique

    Social networks and Google+

    The History of HTML5 takes us through the story of how HTML5 became one of the most standard languages used on the Internet. It has come a long way...

    Kelly Slater : greatest athlete of all time?

    What Music should you listen to on the JOB?

    Telecommuters are working longer hours now than in pre-recession times, says a new CareerBuilder survey. But are they working hard — or hardly worki

    Many employers are having a difficult time finding skilled employees right now, while many candidates are having a hard time finding a job for which t

    Like it, love it or want none of it, social media is here to stay. Many employers are responding to the social media invasion with policies to guide h

    Using Philadelphia as an example, this graphic compares the cost, both financial and societal, of education and incarceration. Designed by Jason Killi

    The Facebook IPO : Here's what all the buzz is about.