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I can't help but wonder if writers/directors of movies think: "We need someone to die... let's get Sean Bean!"

I find this especially hilarious because *spoiler alert* I just finished the main questline of Oblivion & sure enough, the character he voiced dies. Yup. Poor Sean Bean.

Sean Bean. My favorite Bean death, aside from Boromir and Ned Stark, is when he gets shot in the heart through a volume of Yeats poetry in Equiblibrium. A death any Irishman can be proud of.

Every time I see Sean Bean in a movie I say "look it's Sean Bean, hope he doesn't die" i was going to watch Game of Thornes but found out he dies! :(

THIS is surprisingly deep ! From Stephen Colbert’s speech to the University of Virginia's class of 2013.

"This is my new favourite way of dealing with negative feedback" / Sandwich shop in the East Village

Ok wow! takes a very gutsy woman to do what she did..

Meg was the only demon that Sam dean and cas could actually trust... This made me soo sad:(

...this is incredibly true.

sean bean as Edard Stark ♥ House Stark all the way.

winter comes to LOTR... poor Sean Bean.