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    Dont worry the spider is smaller than you #teenagerPost

    these are supposed to be teenager posts but im pretty sure most of them still apply to my adult life

    Teenager Posts- exactly! Of course if I actually did say that I would get in huge trouble!

    Teenager Posts || haha

    Teenager Post

    I know right! We can't write the notes down if your standing in front of them! Then you get mad when we don't have all of our notes!!! Agh

    I'd say "L, M, N, O, P... Oh yeah... Q!"

    I laugh at this now, but the next time I see a spider, this will be running through my head...So true

    So true

    Haha so true

    Yeah and then you start to feel like you are a hero because you found Nemo


    OMG yeah

    Sadly I do this

    Teenager posts


    Lol so true

    haha so true

    Teenager Posts