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  • Alicha Carrick

    The Palais de Poulets, also known as "Clucking Hen Palace," was transformed from a decrepit shed into a functional and decorative coop inhabited by a flock of heirloom chickens. Champion coop! #chickencoop

  • Morgan Schlich

    Awwww - I love this hen house. It is too cute! I love the plants growing up around it and it looks small enough not take up too much space. - could be playhouse or garden shed, too.

  • Beckee Sheffer

    Chicken house. <3..I want to have fresh eggs

  • Denise Aubé

    My dream chicken house! How cool is that!

  • Wendy Swore

    Cute chicken coop project ideas ~ May be a chicken coop but it's a great looking door, too!!!

  • Jon Vanderwall

    Cute chicken coop but I'd use it as a garden shed or child's playhouse.

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Put your chickens in the garden over winter! They will eat the grubs, fertilize & stir it all together.

Adorable Chicken House! We had chickens growing up, but their house was not nearly this nice. Chickens let loose in a garden is a natural way to keep insects and pests at bay because they eat them and chicken poo is high in nitrogen so it's a great fertilizer for the soil.

this might be the most perfect and well thought out chicken it!

Okay, I totally love this..... I would prefer to convert it from a chicken thing (cuz that what it looks like) to an outdoor music/reading/crazy dancing room.... yeah, that would be niiiiiice :)

I love the color of this coop, the extended overhang, and the "EGGS" sign above the nest boxes!

The most adorable chicken coop ever...hard to know what category to put this in. :)

Whimsical chicken coop sitting on the corner of an industrial complex in Syosset NY.

Looks like my Tree/dog house because of the boards that we hid our number two when steph and i were kids lol

chicken tractor - wheels all around = easy to push instead of lift & pull