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Humble Hen by John Sliney

Greet the Day by Pay Fischer

Country Rooster by Sydney Wright

Peaceful Night by Jo Moulton

Day Break Inn print by Paul Brent

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Cluckingham Palace / Chicken Coop Tractor - Too Cute

Chicken Bath

Chicken Wagon :-)

What pretty colors! Kelso fowl are a variety of American Gamefowl developed by Walter A. Kelso, owner of Oleander Gamefarm

Cute little chicken coin purses

Chickens in the garden

Barnevelder Chickens.

Dominique chickens are a threatened American breed on the Ark of Taste`s heritage list. If you raise them you get great feathers, eggs, meat, and you help preserve a dieing breed.

The Magnificent Chicken Book.

Hen & chicks covered rooster

Great Rooster Silhouettes

This HUGE, mechanical rooster resides at a nearby farm.

Chickens, Cherries & Checks from the book "Quilts for all Seasons" by Sandy Klop ~ made by A Little Bit Biased

Chicken Quilt

Rooster and Hen Art

Applique Rooster and Hen

Applique chickens

Rooster Art

Chicken Quilt