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    Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks - Sleepless in Seattle also adorable...would watch again for the good feelings.

  • Rebecca Beich

    Sleepless In Seattle (1993) - Gotta Love Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks together on Film

  • Kate Brandis

    Sleepless In Seattle - One of Mom's favorite movies, and one we've watched many times! We never seem to get tired of it. We even listened to the soundtrack quite a bit!

  • Moriah Obiya

    #1 must watch for #VDAY has to be #SleeplessInSeattle #swoon

  • Cynthia Vasquez

    Sleepless in Seattle (1993) - Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and Ross Malinger. Another great chick flick.

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*SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, (1993) Poster: A recently-widowed man's son calls a radio talk show in an attempt to find his father a partner. Starring: tom Hanks, Ross Malinger, Rita Wilson

This is just one of those movies you can have on in the background and be entertained as you're doing other things. Love it!

"You say that now, but... after a time, you would forget. First, you would forget his chin, and then his nose, and after a while, you would struggle to remember the exact color of his eyes, and one day you wake up and, pfft, he's gone: his voice, his smell, his face. He will have left you. And then you can begin again. " -Luc, from French Kiss

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One of my all time favorite movies! I love Tom Hanks and this quote from the movie is one of the best.

Philadelphia (1993) - Jonathan Demme. (cama note: oscar-worthy performance by Denzel Washington - he was robbed!!)

1. Any pin I'd like to include - this feels like bright, creative, independent falling in love NYC woman to me. I love this moment in time and the jazzy, witty mood it evokes.