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Money Rap

by Michelle
With Presidents Day just around the corner, you can integrate social studies and math by reviewing money when you talk about the important leaders of our country. I am a big believer in multiple intelligence and am always looking for new ways to reach the different learning styles. The Money Rap (be...

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Lula possible class ideasy- maybe reprint onto artisted paper and print a penny over it for "a penny for your thoughts"

This document includes 5 posters for your students to use as a resource in your classroom. Posters inlcude a clipart picture of each coin {penny,ni...

KEEEYUTE coin posters! Just slap some TOUCH COUNTING DOTS on these bad boys and you're GOOD TO GO!!!

Print, laminate and cut apart money cards. Students will count a combination of pennies, nickels, and dimes up to $1.00 on cards and match them wit...

Money: Having Fun With Coins! #Free 10 pages These are cute free money worksheets that would be appropriate for most ages.

Free downloads of little booklets for each coin.

Free Touch Money Posters...the touch point method works!!! If they can skip count, they can count money!!!

You can use these coin booklets to introduce and/or review US coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter). The pages in these booklets can be cut apart an...

For Presidents' Day, have your students research the Presidents that are featured on the penny, nickle, dime, and quarter. Then, students can make posters about the interesting facts that they learned about these 4 Presidents and 4 coins.

I will adapt this idea to show equivalent fractions decimals and percents with money. Great visual aid in the classroom!