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Beauty and the Beast

While watching Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," most little girls wanted to marry the prince.I wanted the library. Its so true! I used to talk about it all the time as a kid.

So would Olaf be Haymitch then?

Frozen and The Hunger Games parallels.wow anyone who has actually SEEN the Hunger Games knows that is all the two movies have in common. Other than that, the Hunger Games is nothing like Frozen.

Oh god here's the feel train coming in. That line "they find solace in each other after society rejects them both," hurts so much and reminds me of so many relationships in Wickerton. The whole story is pretty much a band of outcasts coming together to stop a world that's betrayed and hurt them at every turn from being destroyed. It's sad and beautiful and ultimately moving.

The truth behind Beauty and the Beast

What Beauty and the Beast is really about. The whole Stockholm syndrome thing never really sat right with me. This why this is my favourite Disney movie and princess

Disney Beast Age Analysis: This was kinda cute. @Kasandra Riehle Riehle Dipiazzo

Disney Beast Age Analysis

Disney Beast Age Analysis by ~Xibira on deviantART I had this same thought when seeing it in the theaters with my friend and I asked her and she's like no! so I was right!

Every book I read. Every single one. I go to sometimes 3 book funerals a week.  :(

When a good book ends…

Funny pictures about When a good book ends. Oh, and cool pics about When a good book ends. Also, When a good book ends.

Only Belle And Beast Wear The Colour Blue To Enforce That They Are Outsiders.

Disney Fun Fact Belle in Beauty and the Beast was the only person in her town to wear blue. This enforces that she is an outsider. Later when she meets the beast, he is another misfit who wears blue. (I've always felt like a misfit)

The Best And Wittiest Disney Comebacks…

Funny pictures about Best And Wittiest Disney Comebacks. Oh, and cool pics about Best And Wittiest Disney Comebacks. Also, Best And Wittiest Disney Comebacks photos.

Books. Wow

The Magic of Books… Richards Richards Richards Richards Arndt Taylor