• Angelica Heng

    Smiley Ring

  • thevioletdivide

    (via @grace) The SIGNS sil­ver emoticon ring col­lec­tion, cre­ated by Chao & Eero Jewel, from Fin­land. #chao_eero_jewel #jewellery #jewelry #finland #rings #emoticons #silver

  • Tang Taylor

    The SIGNS silver collection from Chao Jewel was inspired by the use of emails and mobile phone messages in the modern world. People use different signs to communicate their moods. Since the Internet and mobile phones have become a part of our daily life, these signs also become our mutual, international language. Smile! :)

  • Francisca Videira

    Smiling Face Ring by CHAO & EERO | part of the SIGNS collection

  • SecondStreet.ru

    Russian site about stylish clothing alterations and interior. Can be read in any language via Google translator. #diy #diy fashion #craft #refashion

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The gun is the remote control for this lamp. Fire when it's on and the shade will tilt back and the light does off. Fire it again to straighten the shade and turn it back on.

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