possible baby furniture

:O neat!


i want this for my baby

Awesome inventions for baby stuff- wish I would have known these existed 5 months ago

Baby Brezza Formula Pro. Make bottles already mixed and at the right temp in seconds!..... a Keurig for babies :)

Wow, until SIDS is better understood this is genius. Wirelessly monitor your baby's heart-rate and blood-oxgyen levels.

Love the stripe!

Fill a glove w/beans, pearled barley, etc, give a few pats with it and slip quietly away. Why didn't I think of this when my kids were babies?!

Car seat cover ...teehee! To cute! :)


Mustache Pacifier

Bednest baby bassinet $599 -

baby spaces | style.life.home

Baby photos on canvas

OMG! This baby is adorable! I found a deal on the Baby Shower Cap too! #Baby #CoolProducts #Cute

Tips for pumping. This is pretty awesome info. Future reference.

ages when baby teeth come in and fall out

Weekly activities for baby's first year. Why didn't I find this 9 months ago?! So neat!