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  • suzanne vogler

    Quidditch is and actual collage sport, it is sooooo much fun. I'm a keeper and it is awesome!

  • Dyan Cannon

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  • Julie Hurtado

    I'm the scorekeeper for my college team :) for a nerdy sport it is super intense!<<<<< holy crap Kasey there's actual quiditch!

  • Meghan Finley

    The one sport I would be down to play. quidditch. harry potter.

  • Ali Raye

    So for homecoming spirit week at my school Monday was Harry potter day. Part of the school was decorated to look like Hogwarts. Everyone was dressed up, like I even saw Moaning Myrtle and a dementor. During lunch there was a game of quidditch in the courtyard. I officially love my school. Not the school part, but the school.

  • Jasmine Villa

    Totally doing this. Quidditch in real life. Harry Potter

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He probably should have just quit while he was ahead because no one will take him seriously in any other movie. He will always be Harry Potter.

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Muggle Quidditch 101. Um....does anyone want to play this game at some point this summer?