This is Your Brain on Art School: Brilliant Advertising for Creative Education

The College for Creative Studies has released this amazing series of ads that show parents the dangers of letting your kids experiment with art. Please give these people an award. Or ten. See them all at On Animation
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Hello all. We are going back in time for this tutorial, around 200 millions years or so. Our project this time is to create a poster for a fictional dinosaur exhibit! How fun is that?

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Hi creatives! This week’s second tutorial comes from warm and humid Falls Church, VA. It’s Simon on this end of the keyboard, and I’m excited to give you a glimpse of what can be accomplished with the great typefaces of the 22 world class quality fonts collection. This tutorial will show you how to unlock some of the more advanced features of your new typefaces, as well as providing you with an awesome retro freebie pack. Let’s get started!

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Hand-picked restaurants in Darling Harbour

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