Awesome condensed and tightly-kerned illustration style by Ale Giorgini for this series of movie posters.

The Big Lebowski__Spaceballs style poster

The Lebowski Series: Illustrations by Bubble Gun

Movie themed illustrations by Ale Giorgini The Big bang theory

Fight Club

The Blues Brothers Art Print by Ale Giorgini

Singin In The Rain

The Professional

Limited edition fine art print by Casey Weldon, inspired by The Big Lebowski!

Star Wars

Ghostbusters poster by Ale Giorgini

The Dude Abides. The Big Lebowski

Inglourious Basterds Art Print by Ale Giorgini | Society6

drive newfinalv

Vintage Soviet Circus Poster

2014 "The Godfather" - Silkscreen Movie Poster by Laurent Durieux at JoJo's Posters

Tom Hansen & Summer Finn