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  • Jessica

    Why you should never be in the ocean in a little boat!

  • Shanda Beach

    Stupid guy! When you here the music, PADDLE FASTER!!!!

  • Amanda Bruns

    Shark...omg epic fail! Scary

  • Mark Madsen

    Great White Shark

  • Elizabeth Mata

    Apparently this man saved this shark from a fishing net and ever since the shark will follow his boat around. A shark love story! Heck no! I would get out of that water and never go back. Haven't you seen shark week!

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I laughed way too hard at this.

Our can Phi Phi goes nuts for the laser pointer-we stopped doing it; she looks for the laser for 10 minutes after you stop.

Haaaaha!! I feel this way trying to open a box of cereal.

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Can you imagine looking out at that from like a kitchen or bedroom window? Amazing.

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