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Harvey Milk Wine "I have tasted freedom. I have a lot more to drink." - Harvey Milk Designed by Emily Hale, a student at Pratt Institute.

This wine bottle is amazingly detailed. The glasses imbedded in the bottle itself gives an overall spunky vibe.

30 Creative and Unusual Wine Label Designs

Pink Glasses wine package designed by Luksemburk Gives a whole new meaning to rose colored glasses or wine goggles :) Great packaging.

Des bouteilles de lait bien habillées

Des bouteilles de lait bien habillées

Mountain Milk Packaging A student work package design concept by Anders Drage for an (fictitious) exclusive milk from the mountains of Norway. The bottle and packaging design mediates a natural and exclusive identity.


Babees honey packaging by Ah & Oh Studio. What sweet little jars! The tags are a perfect detail that in my mind that imitate little bee wings.


Pill-Inspired Beer Packaging

(vía Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Prescription Pilsner (Student Work)) // color blocking

Packaging Weekend | Fishing for Smiles | Butterfly Teabag

Butterfly Tea Bag

Funny pictures about Butterfly tea bag. Oh, and cool pics about Butterfly tea bag. Also, Butterfly tea bag.

Water. Cleans out everything. Especially if you treat your self to some salty good treats.

Manic’s Merrymaking Must-Haves. "This is Water: Eight glasses a day for best health. Hide this bottle in plain sight & use it as a reminder to worship the right things.

Paperboy on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery


Paperboy is about as green as it’s possible to make a wine bottle. It’s made out of a compressed recycled paper, printed with natural inks and the inside contains a recyclable sleeve like you find in a box of wine. The bottles are rigid and strong

Frozen Ghost vodka

Frozen Ghost Vodka, The Supernatural Super Premium Vodka Packaging Label Brand Specialization