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A thumb tack in the wall and a magnet glued to whatever you want to decorate with. Fun idea for a kid room especially!

Keep bobbins from unwinding!

Do this to random vehicles this winter :) totally doing this!!! :)

Do this to random vehicles this winter :) totally doing this!!! :)

Before leaving your hotel room..haha

DIY Air Freshener with baking soda and essential oils

Leaves dipped in wax to preserve color...brilliant idea.

If you have 20 pounds of potatoes to wash for your Thanksgiving meal throw them in the top shelf of the dishwasher. Set on the quick rinse cycle and let your dishwasher clean the potatoes. :-) LOVE THIS!

hang curtains from the ceiling. avoid measuring and makes ceilings look really high Why have I not thought of this!!! (d) L-O-V-E this!

38 amazing things you can do with an empty Altoid tin box. Some simple, some super crafty, some awesomely functional, some special keepsakes, and lots just for fun.

mail-a-hug. Great for deployment package.

Convenient travel water bowl for pets. To make a handy lightweight bowl, cut off the bottom third of an empty gallon jug. Take another empty gallon jug and fill it with water. The “bowl” will fit snugly over the bottom of the water jug, which makes it convenient to bring both the water and the bowl on a hunt.

...another pin that would have saved me tons of money! Did you know you can make your own spray paint? All you need is a spray bottle and acrylic paint. Mix 2 parts paint to 1 part water and shake to mix. Spray away...

8 ways to use tension rods:: Idea for kitchen

Moving? Pack your plates with foam disposable plates between them! Sooo much easier than wrapping each one in yucky newspaper!

Use a toothbrush holder to carry drinking straws with you. YES!

Use tape to measure distance between the two holes, then put the tape on the wall.

Awesome idea!

Hang a shower caddy on the opposite side of the shower with a coat hook so it doesn't interfere with the faucet

Simple but effective

store cupcake liners in mason jars - I always have extras and they always get smashed in the cabinet. ---

thank you pinterest! ... upside down command hook. How to hang a Wreath on a cabinet or outside storm door

A great way to keep track of your freezer inventory -- just write it on the freezer door using a dry erase marker

It's funny how much money we spend on stuff we can make ourselves. - I present 31 incredibly easy and clever DIY projects...

Use cupcake liners for cute mason jar lids