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  • Scott Morgan

    Birds. Bottom of the food chain. lol

  • Glaucia Caldas

    made me laugh *like a boss

  • April 'Ski

    Yes, my baby birds died...but I couldn't help but giggle at this. Baby birds don't poop on cars, only in the nest :)

  • T¤n¥a [€€

    funny quotes, whenever a bird shits on my car i eat a plate of scrambled eggs right in front of him

  • Samy Badger

    Whenever a bird craps on my car, I eat a plate of scrambled eggs on my front porch just to let them know what I'm capable of.

  • Tracie Diehl

    Still laughing at this one. Funny stuff!

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I'm laughing too hard at this

Hahahaaa. I LOVE this story, and my 19 year old daughter does, too. One of my last real "discussions" in the classroom involved a statement I made about having to "get out the sewing machine last night"..... A student (several) thought I was just being stupid (Science-fictiony) w/them... Had NEVER seen or heard of a sewing machine..... and we're in GEORGIA.....

I don't understand...I..I just don't understand

Funny facts of life - love the dog and cat one!

I've been laughing at this for the past hour!

Laughed so hard. Hahahaha!!! OMG!! That's so not funny! I thought I was possessed!! Lol!

I almost cried I laughed so hard at this. I can see my dad doing this to my mom!!

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Looks exactly like the one at my old office... I wish I would've thought of this!

I don't know if I'm just tired or if this stuff is actually funny because I cannot stop laughing

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