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Snow in ga

Atlanta, Ga in the snow

It hardly snows in GA but when it does...in true redneck style..kneeboarding behind the jeep

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Bahaha. Seriously tho.

Snow puppy!

I would laugh so hard if I got this

hahahahahahaaahaahah lol i laughed so hard :P

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Atlanta after 2 inches of snow looks an awful lot like Atlanta in episode 2 of the Walking Dead

...It's gonna snow!

seriously...that and everything shuts down

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Snow in Mount Auburn Cemetery outside Bigelow Chapel, Massachusetts.

#snow in GA is such a rare occurrence that we had to photograph it! Happy cows come from Forsyth, y'all! #RCRcattle

When it snows in the south.

Playing In The Snow for the first time

just beautiful...

Peachtree St. and W. Peachtree St. signs., Atlanta GA