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Symptoms of MS? Most experience 1st symptoms between the ages of 20-40. *a frequent initial symptom is blurred or double vision, color distortion or blindness in 1 eye. *most have muscle weakness in extremities; difficulty w/coordination & balance. *Paresthesias: temporary abnormal numbness or pins&needles sensations *Depression is another common feature.  There's no cure but there are treatments which have shown to dramatically reduce the disability frequently caused by M.S.

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My new MS Awareness tattoo done in Puerto Vallarta - potentially ribbon placement, I like that the butterfly is under(protection) of the hope ribbon.

temporary running tattoo courage to start strength to endure resolve to finish.  LOVE

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Reflexology is an effective method of addressing specific areas of aches and pains

such a great saying in a simple tattoo

let your past make you better, not bitter - only like the quote.the heart shape not so much

crps syndrome pictures | Living With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome #CRPS


It's more than just "like" my body is trying to kill me, my body IS trying to kill me on the inside. Lupus SLE is a frakking bitch! So is Fibro, RA, etc. Living with Chronic Pain is an endless nightmare of fear :(

Rotating injection sites

29 Things Only Someone with MS Would Understand

Rotating injection sites on your body is more important to you than rotating the tires on your car

cancer ribbon tattoo

Butterfly tattoo ribbon Supporting breast cancer research is a common tattoo meaning for girls. This butterfly has a cancer ribbon as its body.