One step at a time


Another flawless henna sheet designed by Tamanna Roashan, AKA @DressYourFace! And this time, in WHITE! This set features intricate traditional henna designs whi

Tattoos on foot: 20 creative ideas and designs - Blog of Francesco Mugnai

See more One step at a time quote tattoo on side foot

minus the birds??? just maybe!!

With faith comes hope

i want this tattoo

Live with passion.

Love the quote, not the placement.


Take your time, don't live too fast... Troubles will come and they will pass.

Life goes on.

"One day at a time" Thanks Njada Tumbers for sharing your value and tattoo. #PANDORAessencecollection #ExpressTheEssenceOfYou #Wisdom

anchor and tattoo quotes on foot about strength - Life's roughest storm prove the strength of our anchors.

hope-love the design

Wanted something like this for a long time.

Foot tattoo.

I really love this!!

happiness is just a step away