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The real Calamity Jane was born Martha Jane Canary in Princeton, Missouri and eventually made her way to Deadwood, South Dakota, where she befriended Wild Bill Hickok.

Tough Customers of the Old West Are they (L to R) Frank James, Fletch Taylor, and Jesse James The hombre standing in the center has a Whitney Navy conversion revolver tucked in his vest


Jesse James

thecivilwarparlor: William T. Anderson, Better Known as Bloody Bill Anderson One of the deadliest and most brutal pro-Confederate guerrilla leaders in the American Civil War. Anderson led a band that targeted Union loyalists and Federal soldiers in Missouri and Kansas.

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William F. Cody

William F. Cody - Buffalo Bill - Worked for the Pony Express Riders in St. Joseph Missouri at the age of 15.

Extremely rare CDV of Will Bill Hickok photographed a year before his death by D.D. Dare in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

After being shot dead on April 3rd, 1882, Jesse James' body was tied to a board for this picture to be taken.

Frontierswoman Calamity Jane challenged gender roles in the Old West. She worked in mining camps, was a sharp shooter and was romantically linked to Wild Bill Hickok.

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Outlaws as Folk Heroes

Frank & Jesse James

Berlin 1936 Olympics - Jesse Owens American Athlete takes home gold in track & field, thus making a mockery of aryan superiority in Hitler's stadium. Yay Jesse!!!!