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Hahahhaa... I've done this( in a Summer camp I used to work for in Maine) we used to hang out by the lake, swim and jump from a swing we all made) those were two of the best summers of my life!!!!

bucket list | before I die | bungee jump! Even though I will probably have a heart attack cuz I'm so damn scared of hights:3

If adventure sports press all your buttons, get ready for the trip of a lifetime. Bungy, sky diving, caving, canyoning - New Zealand has every adventure activity you can think of - and some you've never even heard of! All set to the backdrop of jaw-dropping landscapes. Contact us at for your customised tour or visit for our standard tours

Sky diving? #nusatrip #travel #travelingideas #travelinspiration #bucketlist #skydiving #adrenalinerush Photo: perfectbucketlist tumblr


100+ Things to Do Before You Die

100 Things to Do Before You Die: You will never need to read another bucket list again.

finally was able to do it again (gave at 17 & needed blood back!). Donated last year and will continue to be a donor! Not only do i feel good about it, but i have a super rare blood type and have been called to do emergency donation at times! i love saving lives!!!

Petsmart worker:Alright ma'am we have your new aquarium. Now you can pick out whatever fish you want as long as it's a saltwater fish. Me:Do you guys have any Nemo fish? Worker:…um…do you mean clown fish? Me:Oh yeah,right,sorry