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How to take better pics in front of your Christmas tree.-- Use the Av mode (set it to the smallest number) and turn off your flash photo-stuff

Christmas picture- like the idea of the lights at the background, maybe these kind of pics are already too late for V.

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Christmas Tree Lights Photos: 5 Easy Steps

christmas tree light photos

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How to take pictures of your Christmas tree at night

Taking glowing pics of the tree

How to Take Photos of Your Kids in Front of the Christmas Tree » Scissortail SILK

Tips for Photographing Christmas Lights 1. Set your ISO high – 1600 or higher 2. Close your aperture (f/14 or higher) for a starburst effect 3. Slow down your shutter speed 4. Use a tripod or set your camera on something safe and steady 5. Turn on ambient lights in the rooms surrounding the tree but turn off lights in that room

To get these pics crank the ISO as high as it would go (1600), set the aperture at f 2.8, and shutter speed at 1/30.

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16 Tips to Photograph Christmas Morning

16 Tips to Photograph Christmas #Photography Images|

To light a foreground portrait subject against a setting sun, put a hot shoe flash inside a 36-inch umbrella-style softbox (A), and warmed up its output with a 1/4 Rosco CTO warming gel. assistant suspended the Softbox above the subject using a monopod (B) as a boom. posed the child to block the setting sun. Canon EOS 5D (C) and 17–40mm f/4L EF zoom at its 35mm setting. fired the flash with PocketWizard Plus II, for an overall exposure of 1/180 sec at f/13, ISO 100.