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    Today I have been more useless than the 'G' in 'Lasagna' !

    Funny but true....

    My scale

    Soo bad but so true Lol

    true that lol

    Shark Brain compared to a Vagina.

    Every time.

    real life.

    The only thing that matters in life is good eyelashes and no new friends. Β The β€œI like my eyelashes as black as my heart and as long as the list of people I wan



    At my age my grandfather had started a family, and defeated the Nazis. I just accidently deleted Angry Birds wiping Nutella off my iPhone.

    Funny Family Ecard: Home is where you can say anything you want because nobody listens to you anyway.


    Bahaha seriously, Billy used to do that ALL the DAMNED time, switch his relationship to single and unfriend me like a bitch.. in retrospect, he was a bitch, but still. Act like a man, not just a man-child all the damned time.

    Cure for headaches

    Exactly, and no one wants that.

    My bestfriend and I in a nutshell.

    I understand that this can be seen in different ways, but to me it just sounds like the creepiest pickup line ever.