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Using "SAMR" to integrate iPads in the classroom...

Picturing the ADDIE Instructional Design Model Infographic | e-Learning Infographics

Critical thinking skills are what we want our students to develop. Without these skills we can not guarantee a sound and effective education that will enable our kids to seamlessly blend in tomorrow 's job market. Therefore, it is our responsibility as teachers and educators to fully understand the components of this set of skills in order to better focus on them in our instruction.

Flirting w/ eLearningfrom Flirting w/ eLearning

[INFOGRAPHIC] An Overview of the Principles of Adult Learning

A simple infographic providing an Overview of the Principles of Adult Learning by Nicole Legault. Seems clear and common-sense . . . good food for thought by course designers.

What does it take to create effective elearning? This infographic suggests the effort required to create 1 hour of elearning instruction. Does this happen in the real world of elearning instructional design, development and deployment?

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Big Data for Higher Ed – Leveraging Education Data [Infographic]

Big Data for Higher Ed – Learning Analytics: Leveraging Education Data [Infographic] « hireED4HigherEd


Instructional Design

Instructional Design - behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism, connectivism

Design Thinking - At the Nueva School in Hillsborough, Calif., design thinking is built into students' and teachers' everyday lives. The process, which is an approach to learning that includes considering real-world problems, research, analysis, building by hand, and lots of experimentation, is documented and shared among staff.

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In Praise of Think-Pair-Share