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Thousands of artefacts from RMS Titanic to be auctioned off in one big lot

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Titanic’s Darkest Secrets

Okay, so some of these I know are true, but #11 is absolutely false (you can see it if you click the picture and follow the link). True, the lifeboats were not all filled to capacity. However, there were NOT enough life boats for everyone to survive had each been completely full when they left the ship. It's the biggest reason for current laws that a boat MUST have enough life boats for the number of passengers it has. But yeah, I still haven't seen the movie, I'll get around to it sometime :)

Dorothy Gibson, a 22 year-old silent screen actress, was the resident movie star onboard Titanic. On the night of the sinking , she and her mom boarded Lifeboat 7, the first to launch, and both survived. She would later star in Saved from the Titanic, a movie made one month after the disaster.

Top 20 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Movie Titanic

Hartley’s body was recovered from Titanic’s wreckage as body No. 224, returned to Colne, Lancashire and buried on May 18, 1912. It was estimated that upwards of 40,000 people showed up to watch the funeral procession and attend the funeral. His interment received extensive coverage by the international press. To this day several elaborate memorials or statues pay tribute to his service on Titanic.