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It's not any more dead than it was when Pearl was pining for Rose Quartz the entire rest of the series. Ships don't die until somebody dies, and even then you can still ship it. Just because it isn't canon/contradicts canon, doesn't mean that it's dead.

Sherlock =) martins face in the second one is so adorable<<Because they got to be married a second time and it was adorable.

Choose a vibrant color for your card base, glue pearlescent beads in the shape of an ornament. The beads can be a single color such as this, or a variety of colors. The ribbon also can match or complement the bead color. A simple stamped message complete this elegant card.

flafly: Lapis dances so good! I really want to see her dance with Pearl because their dance moves will be in perfect harmony. What an extraordinary scene it will be… ☆o☆ Also, if they fuse together, remember where pearls come from? Yes the ocean! So I totally believe they are just perfect for each other.