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What's this koala thinking? #travelphotography #travel #animal Memes, Phascolarcto Cinereus, Native Bears, Funny Stuff, Koala Bears, Humor, Koalas Bears, ...

Alpaca lunch. Lilly thinks this is so makes me laugh watching her laugh that hard.

Fake noodles Not strictly a baby animal, but its so funny I couldnt help but pin it.

whale, whale, whale.... haha, I do not knw why this is so funny! haha

this actually made me laugh out loud-I almost lost it when my husband came in and said, "little dutch shoe? What's so funny"


Are you cold?

Actually this should say "that's not acute joke"



Stop clubbing, baby seals. Punctuation Clubbing seals is a serious issue with me, but you can't help but giggle at this.


Cha cha real smooth.

I laughed way too hard at this.


Why I don't want kids.



Stoner dog has a revelation.

Casey: For Beans...Stoner dog has a revelation.


Poems are hard.


A drunk woman told her animator husband a really lame joke about tortilla chips. He turned it into a cartoon.