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  • Carmen Long

    I <3 Martin, like seriously. He's really good, too. He deserves the same amount of attention and admiration as Benedict does. Who do you think made me cry the most during Sherlock? He did! He portrayed Watson and his pain at the loss of Sherlock so well that we, as viewers, had no choice but to feel his pain as well. And when he improvised the, "You machine!" part in Reichenbach Falls? GENIUS! Martin is too good. :) <- this! all this!

  • Katy Clanton

    I've always thought this. I've been in love with Martin since Hitchhiker's Guide, and I am completely head over heels for his Bilbo Baggins.

  • Mollie Danel

    way too excited for the hobbit

  • Sammi

    I do agree, but I think Martin was only INITIALLY overlooked, because his method is quieter, rather reserved, opposed to Benedict's mile-a-minute, smart as a whip Sherlock. I think at this point though, both actors have been equally appreciated in their roles.

  • Rachel Phelps

    People forget that Martin is primarily known for comic roles. It's awesome to see how dimensional he can be in this role.

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every.single.time. I think this fandom can't get any weirder....BAM! you go and prove me wrong. never change, okay?

Just Sherlock being Sherlock… so, confession, i only just watched the first Sherlock (which this quote is from) and it's AWESOME!

Wait a minute a sword what do I need this for?! I thought I was just looking at dead bodies not helping to kill them!

hedgehogs that look like martin freeman. cutest little hedgehobbits in the world.

"Hope to see you in theatres this fall... because I will be in ALL of them, checking if you're there."

Ok so here's the dealio. As you can tell I'm on a Martin Freeman/Bilbo Baggins/Tim Canterbury high. This is due the fact that...wait. I don't need to explain! JUST LET ME LOVE HIM!!! kthanksbye.

More Hedgehogs that look like Martin Freeman. I will never get tired of this

Martin Freeman...My short man crush. Because, yes, my addiction to sherlock made my fall in love with Martin and his wit :)

"Martin Freeman is..." So true! Also, I love the word "imbroglio"!

I love how the first two are so compassionate and the Benedict's just there like... I don't have clothes on and John still loves me.--pinning for the comment.

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm super relieved to know Martin Freeman has good hygiene.