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  • Amberlyn

    reminds me...of the old water pump my husband put in our flower garden

  • alma azmitia miller

    mmmm, country living. A simple life. Habacuc 2.2.

  • Carol Winegardner

    We had a pump much like this one at the old white farmhouse.

  • Kathy Wetzstein

    beautiful wildflower garden. Love the well. My grandparents had one. Such good memories of the farm

  • Anne Hovde

    The first house we lived in on the outskirts of Edmonton (Calder) in 1953 had no electricity or running water but we did have a water pump and an outhouse. Our milk got delivered by horse and buggy. My children and grandchildren think I made this up lol - but its true and just shows how quickly life can change in just one generation.

  • Brenda**~

    field of dreams

  • Lauren Edinger

    garden accessory

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Where is this taking me? Would be cute for a yard if you lived with a wood line behind the house, then just make the stepping stones in the ground.. Take some packets of the wild flower varieties and sprinkle all around, and lead it towards the wood line! That would be so pretty!

red water pump - I have a friend who used an antique pump and a wood barrel tub to make a water feature in their front yard. Very cute.

Mixed flower border at Chateau Malmaison #Mixed flowers! That's what I my garden to be!! Beautiful!!

What a lovely focal point in your garden, surrounded by roses. It's so nice to go around a corner & see something pretty like this.

don't you love rust in the garden... almost doesn't matter what it even is.. it almost always works...

Well water hand pump..........oh for the good old days !~!~! I still remember using one at Grandma's farm. Fill the pail, carry it into the kitchen...the ladle hung on the wall above it. Fill your cup for the coldest, most refreshing drink of the day... ♥

Put your chickens in the garden over winter! They will eat the grubs, fertilize & stir it all together.