Margaret of Anjou

King Henry VI of England

The Marriage of Catherine of Valois and Henry V of England in 1420. Interesting veil shape, never seen this before. She doesn't look too happy...

Margaret of Anjou - Queen Consort of England 1445-1461 and one of the leaders of the House of Lancaster in the Wars of the Roses

Richard II greets his young bride, Isabelle of Valois. Isabella of France (1389 – 1409) was Queen consort of England as the second spouse of King Richard II. Her parents were King Charles VI of France and Isabeau of Bavaria. Her younger sister, Catherine of Valois, was Queen consort of England from 1420–1422, as the wife of King Henry V of England and mother of Henry VI, King of England.

King John of England effigy at Worcester Cathedral, England. John was the youngest son of King Henry II and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. He succeeded to the throne after his childless brother Richard the Lionheart was shot with an arrow that hit his shoulder. A surgeon called a "butcher" by some, carelessly removed it. Swiftly the wound became gangrenous. He died days later on 6 April 1199.

Jasper Tudor son of Owen Tudor and Katherine of Valois (widow of Henry V) and half brother of Henry VI. Brother of Edmund Tudor (father of the future Henry VII). Jasper played a major role on behalf of the Lancastians in the Wars of the Roses and was with his nephew Henry Tudor in exile in Brittany. He married during Henry VII's reign, but had no legitimate heir.

Margaret of Anjou, 23.III.1430 – 25.VIII.1482 - Margaret was the wife of King Henry VI of England. As such, she was Queen consort of England from 1445 to 1461 and again from 1470 to 1471; and Queen consort of France from 1445 to 1453. Born in the Duchy of Lorraine, into the House of Valois-Anjou, Margaret was the second eldest daughter of René I of Naples and Isabella, Duchess of Lorraine.

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Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn - Tudor History

Catherine of Aragon first wife to Henry VIII

Mary Stuart (8 December 1542 & 8 February 1587) was Queen regent of Scotland from 14 December 1542 to 24 July 1567. In some lists of Scottish monarchs, she is recognised as Mary I. She was the only surviving legitimate child of King James V of Scotland. She was 6 days old when her father died and she was crowned 9 months later. In 1558, she married Francis, Dauphin of France. He ascended the French throne as Francis II in 1559, and Mary became Queen consort of France.

Tomb of Queen Leonora, Daughter of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine & wife of King Alfonso VIII of Castile.

Isabelle, Daughter of France & Infante of Navarre (1295-1358). She was the daughter of King Philippe IV of France and his wife, Queen Jeanne I of Navarre. She was Queen of England (1308-1327) as the wife of King Edward II. Her children were King Edward III of England, The Prince John, 1st Earl of Cornwall, and The Princesses Eleanor and Joan. [19th century portrait]

RED ROSE~~ Katherine of Valois was a wife of Henry V, mother of Henry VI. Later she was wed with Owen Tudor and became mother to Edmund, Jasper, Margaret, Catherine and Tasinda Tudor. So she was a paternal grandmother of Henry VII

English royalty, queen consort of Henry VII. Daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. She married Henry on January 18, 1486 at Westminster, symbolically ending the Wars of the Roses by joining the houses of York and Lancaster under the house of Tudor.

♕ℛ. Catherine de' Medici and her children: Charles IX, Henry III, Francis the duke d'Alençon, and Margaret queen of Navarre.

A family tree of the kings and queens of England (and later, of Britain) as well as several other royal houses of Europe. Starts with Charlemagne and goes to the new Prince George of Cambridge. #britishmonarchy #royalfamily

Mathilda Plantagenet, daughter of Henry II and Eleanore of Aquitaine Birth: 1156 Death: Jun. 28, 1189 Princess of England. Daughter of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Married the 27 years o...

Margaret of Anjou (March 23, 1430 - August 25, 1482) Queen consort to: Henry VI (1421-1471, ruled 1422-1461) Married: May 23, 1445 Coronation: May 30, 1445