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The 10 Absolute Best Girl Toy Lines Of The '80s

Strawberry Shortcake | The 10 Absolute Best Girl Toy Lines Of The '80s- I'm willing to bet that I have every piece in this picture stored in my basement!

The haunted Japanese doll Okiku, possessed by the spirit of a 10 year old girl who took refuge inside it. Some time after the funeral of the girl, the hair of the doll began to grow. Although the doll’s hair is cut regularly, the hair grows again and again...

Clarissa Field of Northfield, Massachusetts, was born blind in 1765. This doll was made for her and she fancifully named it Bangwell Putt. Bangwell lacks facial features but her ten carefully constructed fingers suggest the importance of touch in Clarissa's world. Bangwell has a homespun body and is dressed in 18th century fashion, including corset. Clarissa kept Bangwell until she died in her eighties. Bangwell Putt is thought to be the oldest surviving rag doll in North America

The "wooden" doll of Crepereia Tryphaena. At first the doll was assumed to be made of wood, but in fact it was carved from ivory, which was stained dark brown over the centuries by the water of the Tiber which had seeped into the sarcophagus.