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  • Sylvia Tindall

    Han Solo its strange never had a crush on Harrison Ford but as a little girl who loved the original star wars films I always had a thing for Han Solo.

  • Kristopher Germo

    Han Solo is the consumate scoundrel and an inveterate gypsy. His only home is the Mellenium Falcon, allowing him to retreat deep into space, away from everyone and everything to pursue his own ends. This makes him one of the most independant characters in fiction, though he, like most, eventually gets tied down to a specific cause by his love for a certain group of people.

  • jewo

    han solo #starwars #hansolo #harrisonford

  • Stacia Polehonka

    Han Solo. My first movie star crush.

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Indiana for ever. - i concur! where would be without this FAV??? Harrison Ford! Han Solo, Idana Jones, and the many numerous characters that he has played eg: The President of the USA in Airforce One! just a fantastic person and actore.... love you Harrison!

Solo. Not a worry in the world. Apart from Jabba the Hutt. Star Wars: Episode IV.

Han Solo-- I've never understood why Star Wars isn't a chick flick, there's way more eye candy for the ladies than anything for the men.

Han Solo. Ah, the life of a Diy-photog-nerd.... :)

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I would gladly marry either Hon Solo or Indiana Jones. Young Harrison Ford built up so much of my dream man morale! ♥

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Han Solo. In Glitter. 1977. (Glitter makes almost anything cooler...!)

Han Solo... - and we yelled NOOOOOO every time before he got frozen

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STAR WARS! I take orders from just one person: ME. - Han Solo