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    Tartaruga Marina

    "Data Storage Using Magnetic Bacteria" in the #Intel #SciArt Series depicts the ability to store information using organic compounds.

    "Boil Me" - #Intel #SciArt depicting the scientific finding that E. Coli can be killed simply by boiling water.

    "A Portrait of Solar Paint" - The breakthrough of solar paint depicted in the #Intel #SciArt Series.

    "Medicinal Plants" The first medicinal plant classification system ever created depicted in the #Intel #SciArt Series.


    "Lift" in the #Intel #SciArt Series depicts the economics of drag in airplane designs.

    Stormy seas


    Rough Waters by Seth B. Darling/ANL and Steven J. Sibener/U-Chicago: Photomicrograph of the rippling surface of a single layer of molecules.

    Cool art project

    cool project

    Cool city perspective art project.


    Blue Azul Blau by Bryan de Leon, via Flickr repinned by

    Brain Waving Hands- Brain Controlled Electronics & Vector Illustration “I was extremely happy to work with this project. The idea of something as simple as brainwaves controlling something complex made me want to create something minimal that contrasts the complex subject matter it represents. I wanted it to be somewhat light, as this invention is a very positive step towards (for example) helping heavily disabled people. The waves represent brainwaves that can control devices t