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Intel SciArt: Joseph Minek's "Data Storing Bacteria" shows the interaction between organic and inorganic material.

"(51) INSERT SEVEN. TURTLES. Many different species of carnivorous Turtles live in the fresh waters of the tropical and temperate zones of various continents. Most northerly of the European Turtles (extending as far as Holland and Lithuania) is European Pond Turtle (Emys orbicularis). It is from eight to ten inches long and may live a hundred years."

Intel SciArt: "Boil Me". Diseases born out of water contamination account for 8.7% of deaths in Southeast Asia. Intel SciArt wants to send a simple and direct message to prevent that.

"A Portrait of Solar Paint" - The breakthrough of solar paint depicted in the #Intel #SciArt Series.

"Cloud City" in the #Intel #SciArt Series depicts how wind turbines could power our world.

"Lift" in the #Intel #SciArt Series depicts the economics of drag in airplane designs.

This pic captures the moment, just before a shark breaks the surface tension of the water.

**Anhinga in her Elegant Attire--also known as a water turkey. You'll often see them sitting in a tree or snag with their wings held out to dry. They can't fly very well with wet wings.

Octopus. I just love them! We're going to need at least one! Theme: Under the sea with Nemo #treetopiaholidays

hippocampus zebra | This is a true Hippocampus zebra and not a striped version of a different species. Only found in Australian waters

Crocodile jumping out of the water, Darwin, Australia, 2006.

go deep sea diving or regular diving to see some amazing sea creatures and also take pictures under water of sea animals