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  • Intel

    "Clean Water" in the #Intel #SciArt Series depicts a novel solution to cleaning up oil spills.

  • Narelle Adams

    Illustrating Science: Int’l Science and Engineering Fair Student Projects Beautifully Visualized | “International Science and Engineering Fair student projects can be just as esoteric as Nobel laureates’ research. But this year, those of ISEF’s student scientists lucky enough to be paired with professional artists will see their research translated into compelling and accessible posters for the public.”

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Intel SciArt: Joseph Minek's "Data Storing Bacteria" shows the interaction between organic and inorganic material.

Intel SciArt: "Boil Me". Diseases born out of water contamination account for 8.7% of deaths in Southeast Asia. Intel SciArt wants to send a simple and direct message to prevent that.

"(51) INSERT SEVEN. TURTLES. Many different species of carnivorous Turtles live in the fresh waters of the tropical and temperate zones of various continents. Most northerly of the European Turtles (extending as far as Holland and Lithuania) is European Pond Turtle (Emys orbicularis). It is from eight to ten inches long and may live a hundred years."

"A Portrait of Solar Paint" - The breakthrough of solar paint depicted in the #Intel #SciArt Series. people i need you to pin this..... i want to win a contest

"Cloud City" in the #Intel #SciArt Series depicts how wind turbines could power our world.

From the Artist: “The two mud planes represent cathodes and anodes, and the sphere is to suggest the flow of electrons through a conductive path. I think there is a real beauty to the way humanity can harness an energy from what may otherwise seem like a mundane nuisance. It is a testament to man’s ingenuity, and Claudia Dennler.” — Mario Hugo

"Lift" in the #Intel #SciArt Series depicts the economics of drag in airplane designs.

Brain Waving Hands- Brain Controlled Electronics & Vector Illustration “I was extremely happy to work with this project. The idea of something as simple as brainwaves controlling something complex made me want to create something minimal that contrasts the complex subject matter it represents. I wanted it to be somewhat light, as this invention is a very positive step towards (for example) helping heavily disabled people. The waves represent brainwaves that can control devices t

A pack of Atlantic Sailfish (Istiophorus albicans) hunt Sardines.

Rough Waters by Seth B. Darling/ANL and Steven J. Sibener/U-Chicago: Photomicrograp of the rippling surface of a single layer of molecules.