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"Data Storage Using Magnetic Bacteria" in the #Intel #SciArt Series depicts the ability to store information using organic compounds.

"Boil Me" - #Intel #SciArt depicting the scientific finding that E. Coli can be killed simply by boiling water.

Flickr- A couple of Maldive Anemone Fish nestled inside a wild Sea Anemone (interspecies friendship photo)

go deep sea diving or regular diving to see some amazing sea creatures and also take pictures under water of sea animals....these are stunning:))

"Lift" in the #Intel #SciArt Series depicts the economics of drag in airplane designs.

Sea Turtle in the Bahamas... Exactly like the one I saw in Tulum Mexico last summer! Beautiful! ♥

National Geographic Newsfrom National Geographic News

Best Science Pictures of 2010 Announced

Rough Waters by Seth B. Darling/ANL and Steven J. Sibener/U-Chicago: Photomicrograph of the rippling surface of a single layer of molecules.