The Olympic Flame

The 2012 Olympic Cauldron by Thomas Heatherwick - design by Thomas Heatherwick studio

From his speedboat, David Beckham handed the torch to Sir Steve Redgrave, who in turn passed the glory moment to the next generation of athletes. Redgrave is a British rower who won gold medals at five consecutive Olympic Games from 1984-2000.

The Olympic cauldron looked really amazing!

London 2012 Olympic Cauldron designed by Thomas Heatherwick studio

A group of seven young athletes light the Olympic Cauldron.

The Olympic cauldron rises into position during the opening ceremony

London 2012 Olympic Cauldron design by Thomas Heatherwick studio via

London Olympics 2012

London 2012 Olympic Cauldron - Petal - design by Thomas Heatherwick studio - after the games the cauldron will be dismantled and each competing country will take home one of the 204 petals. via

Fireworks around the Olympic Stadium

London 2012 Olympic cauldron design by Thomas Heatherwick studio

On route: David Beckham's role became clear midway through as he delivered the flame via speedboat

Thomas Heatherwick - London 2012 Olympic cauldron

London 2012 Olympic torch route

It's arrived: David Beckham looks pleased as he carries the Olympic torch at RNAS Culdrose this evening 18 May 2012

2012 Olympics NBC Dual Flags Pin

2012 London Olympics Cauldron

It worked! Beckham lights the cauldron at the airbase after escorting the Torch from Athens. It will begin its 70 day trip tomorrow

Olympic Flame speeds to the Stadium along the Thames by David Beckham

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