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  • Sandra Joanna

    Beautiful Hair Styles ✄ ✯ / Platinum Blonde. na

  • Callie Swartz

    I love her hair color and style. Not to mention she's probably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen... Dayumn!

  • Amanda Hall

    #blonde #hair #makeup #beauty

  • Kaitlyn Marlowe

    Beautiful Hair styles. Love the curls that go from the scalp to the bottom

  • Katarina Elisa

    Love the wave in her hair, and love the smokey eye! How do I do this to my hair?! -curl it before you get rowdy.

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i had no idea if i should stick this photo in my clothes board or hair,, both r cute

Waves. [Been trying to achieve these for a long time, don't know if it's possible with my thick and heavy hair] #hair

Amazing braids. Photo by Parker Fitzgerald.

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Lara Jade self portrait ...another one of my favorite photographers, she's beautiful and talented. Amazing work

I love this. LOVE it. For me, but I don't know about work. I could totally do this your hair, but your mother might kill me and ground you for life.

"Sweet soft summer nights Dancing shadows in the distant lights You came for me to follow And we kissed on distant shores." -Chad And Jeremy