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    How to create Breastplates with Worbla

    This Worbla tutorial by BllackSheep is an ingenious method to creating 3d texture on your Worbla armor! +fav the original here.

    Don't have worbla? Neither do I. I use this technique for everything. Back to basics everyone. :)

    Tutorial : Shoes with Worbla by Lumis-Mirage.devi... on @deviantART

    Creating a Costume/Cosplay from E.V.A Foam

    Lightning Breastplate Tutorial by Ruby-Hime.deviant... on deviantART

    While Worbla is a great material, it's also totally fine just to work with less expensive EVA foam! So I added this little tutorial to my new book for Advanced Armor Making!

    #Worbla Armor #Tutorial by Astargor.devianta... on deviantART

    Build Sci Fi Armor for CHEAP : DIY using foam and a heat gun. (This guy is insanely talented, but the basic technique is pretty simple)

    DIY Armor with WORBLA

    I keep posting these and know they are human sized but figure the instructions can be shrunk down to fit the dolls. Tutorial: Making Armor Breast Plates with Worbla

    Worbla Tutorial by Bllacksheep.devia... on @deviantART

    Armor Tutorial (great tips & ideas for making lightweight cosplay armor, and some links to sites that provide armor patterns.)

    Adding Straps to Worbla Armor Tutorial by *Bllacksheep on deviantART

    Worbla cosplay tutorial for sexy Dovahkiin (Deadric custom mod) - Skyrim

    Craft Foam Tutorial. Make props, armor parts, bracelets, and other items for cosplay using craft foam and dimensional paint. All basic techniques covered to make all sorts of cosplay items.

    Breastplate progress using worbla- kamui

    Most armor costumes you see (ex: Iron Man, Mass Effect, etc) are made of EVA Foam, cut and glued together, dremmeled for weathering, and painted. It's flexible, strong, formable, and cheap. EVA is commonly used in interlocking foam floor tiles from hardware stores, automotive centers, and even discount stores like Big Lots or used in yoga mats. It doesn't matter what color, you're going to paint it anyway! Mad props to BioWeapons for creating the happiest set of armored boobs I've ever seen!

    Craft Foam Breastplate Tutorial. Ah craft foam, such a wonderful cosplay friend you are.

    How to transport big Costumes - YouTube

    Oh this tutorial is neat... A breastplate from a bra using epoxy and some other stuff...