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The Perks of Folding Worbla: Considering how expensive this stuff is, anything that makes using it more efficient is a good thing.

School girl skirt tutorial for future reference... LoL Is this how they're actually made in Japan, or is anime just making it harder than it's supposed to be?? XD

Angela Clayton's Costumery & Creationsfrom Angela Clayton's Costumery & Creations

The adventures of making a fluffy skirt ★ The making of Napoleon (Eiyuu Senki) ★ Part 1

poofy skirt! I find this adorable and want to make one, even if not for cosplay! Whoee, this'll be fun >u< (also, the girl on the blog this links to is crazy cosplay-talented!)

DIY Making a custom staff/walking stick for cosplay: I personally used this tutorial to create my own Maleficent staff for 2013 Halloween! The clay is easily manipulated to create your own design. The basis of the staff would be the same for all other staffs. make sure you have a solid "skeleton" of the staff before you start adding the clay. Use your imagination because all things are possible with this tutorial! I am a first timer doing stuff like this and now I am hooked!

While Worbla is a great material, it's also totally fine just to work with less expensive EVA foam! So I added this little tutorial to my new book for Advanced Armor Making!

Worbla cosplay tutorial for sexy Dovahkiin (Deadric custom mod) - Skyrim

Craft Foam Tutorial. Make props, armor parts, bracelets, and other items for cosplay using craft foam and dimensional paint. All basic techniques covered to make all sorts of cosplay items.

Armor Tutorial (great tips & ideas for making lightweight cosplay armor, and some links to sites that provide armor patterns.)

Video tutorials and making-ofs for costume armor, primarily using Worbla, by Kamui Cosplay in german and english