Topic starters for Learning Logs

Reading Response Topics, Write About Your Reading

Great ideas for your writer's and reader's notebooks! Could be used with reading/characterization or with writing/make-believe stories.

Reading Response

Reading Notebook ideas

Reading Response

Reading response letters once a week to the teacher about a book the student is currently reading. These are sample topics to choose from.

Point of view foldable

Reading Response Notebook: Getting Started!

Expanding on post-it observations

Independent Reading Response Anchor Charts : The sticky notes next to it are continuations of the response for differentiation for kids who need a little extra help. ...for those needing a little extra boost in their thinking, they can grab a sticky note.

This is awesome. Excellent reader's notebook. I love how well thought-out this is! Downloadable forms.

Reader's notebook

Aaaaaammmmaaaazing Reading Interactive Notebook!

Common Core Reading Response Pages

Class List for meet the teacher night. Similar to Wordle, only with more options.

reading response journals ideas

Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher: interactive student notebook

Fourth and Ten: Reading Response Home Reading Log {Freebie}

Ideas for Reader's Notebooks