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Reading Response Notebook: Getting Started!

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Author's Purpose. Readers journals.

EVERYONE needs a good collection of comprehension questions listed in plain sight!!!

Author's purpose

Reading Response Notebook Grading Rubric Freebie!

Common Core Reading Response Pages

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Lots of ideas for reader's notebook

differentiated reader response cards, kids will never know

Reading Response

Reader's Notebook--this site shows how it is DONE! :)

Teaching My Friends!: My Reading Notebooks

students write title, author, and setting of book they read on a post it and stretch a piece of yarn to the location on the map.. great way to tie in reading & social studies. like this idea!

Reading response letters once a week to the teacher about a book the student is currently reading. These are sample topics to choose from.

Reading Log

If you're not sure how to do a reader's notebook, or you need more ideas to use, this is the blog to use. It is FULL of examples!

Digging Deeper: Writing about Reading!