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Battery organizing

Kitchen drawer with battery organizer. (They can be hung on the wall too - I have this one.

The baking Tray | Make Create Do

Organizing Made Fun: For the love of organizing: Baking supplies stored on a tray. Easy move to and from the pantry when it's time to bake or clean up.

6 ways to keep your house organized

6 Ways to Keep Your House Organized {Organizing A Little Every Day

Ice Trays to organize your ear rings.

I love the ice cube tray jewelry holder and am sad I didn't think of it! (I use similar trays meant specifically for jewelry.

organizing with baskets mudroom

organizing with baskets mudroom

CLEAN MAMA: Quick Tips for Organizing Toiletries

CLEAN MAMA: Quick Tips for Organizing Toiletries. Oh how awesome it would be to keep little hands out of my makeup!

Use ordinary containers to organize spray paint

Organizing Made Fun: Paint project!

Great for storing batteries

Organizing Batteries

Battery organizer with labeled drawers for all the sizes plus one extra for specialty batteries for key fobs, watches, garage doors, etc. This is SO my next project!

10 Steps to an Organized Home Office - on HGTV

10 Home Office Hacks to Get You Organized Now

A bowl full of lemons.: Home Organization 101 - Week 4 "The Office". Go through art cabinet. Go through files and desk drawers.

Recycle your old magnets into labels! Then, you're organized, too!

Recycle your old magnets into labels for organization. Or you can put decorative stickers over the magnet and cut around the edges -cute!

Top 12 Organizing Posts of 2012 by Organize & Decorate Everything

top 12 organizing collage- store cords vertically in TP roll tubes, lego manuals, etc.

49 Brilliant Garage Organization Tips, Ideas and DIY Projects

49 Brilliant Garage Organization Tips, Ideas and DIY Projects