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Classic Who: Behind the scenes - Imgur

Doctor Who Ace (Companion to the Seventh Doctor) by nightwing1975

Classic Who: Behind the scenes - Imgur

The Seventh Doctor and Ace - Remembrance Of The Daleks

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The Doctor (7) and Ace. Ace is awesome! :)

Ace. I always wondered why no one ever took a baseball bat to a Dalek. Ace did and I'm just glad someone tried it. It's an American thing, probably.

Ace From 'Remembrance of the Daleks' - Doctor Who Doctor Who Classic Figures

If ever I decide to cosplay as someone from Doctor Who it will be this woman.

Now, this is Doctor Who, really it. Except for Matt Smith--really? If they were going to add a modern doctor, why couldn't it have been Tennant--by FAR the better choice, there.