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"But fairy tales only have happy endings, don't they?" asked the child. "Well, don't they? Don't they??"

Great Wall/Womens Clothing Plus Size Dress by KelansArtCouture

linen project-Thanks Eireann, I know where to buy my winter coat for LA now!

Seersucker Tunic low vneck by mljcreates on Etsy, $88.00

Sometimes layering is as simple as letting your underwear show. That's a good excuse for cute underwear, anyway.

linen very clever gusset to add if a beloved dress or blouse doesn't quite meet in the front any more

Vintage. Feminine. Modest. Blue. And lace. With a nice wool cardigan and some simple slip-ons, I'm fairly certain I could wear this dress every day of the week. Oh, if only I had $99 dollars to spend on a dress. Made by bayousalvage on Etsy.

Bule long sleeves dress /Loose linen dress by clothestalking, $68.00