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  • Henny Wong

    global carbon footprint #inspiration #carbonfootprint

  • Kirstie Hamilton

    This map is an a modern infographic using 2d shapes to create the basis of the shape which marks as a foot print, which links clearly to the information as it is showing the levels of carbon footprints across the world, I like how the map is sectioned out into colours with keys at the side to simplify the composition its makes the information interesting and aesthetically pleasing,

  • Britt Bloom

    Global Carbon Footprint Infographic Illustrates the World's Carbon Footprint One Nation at a Time...would be more interesting if it were per capita...

  • Knarik Kazaryan

    ARMENIA'S THE GREEN DOT ABOVE POLAND!! We exist :) Global Carbon Footprint. Helps you see where you, and your country, stand.

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